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Painted Pantry Door

I am so happy with this project! My husband loves our painted pantry door, too.


Front Door Decorations

I love front door decorations. Decorating my entry for the each season or holiday is one of my favorite activities.  This season, …


Make: Chalkboard Paint

Since I’ve discovered the joys and wonder of chalkboard paint, I’ve painted everything (nope, not an exaggeration….). If you come for a …

Brilliant Ideas

I’m a legend in my own mind.  I had two really good ideas this week, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. …

Merry Christmas to Mom

Could you resist this? My dog, Dash, is begging for… food.  He loves people food.  He is a very fat Italian Greyhound. …

The house is DONE

My home is finally decorated for Christmas.  This year, I put up my Christmas decorations much earlier than usual and I am …