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Precious Toy Dolls

I wrote this blog post two years ago, but I couldn’t bear to publish it. I felt foolish letting the world know how upset I was over a broken doll.


Birthday gifts or turning 45 hurts

My 45th birthday was this past Wednesday.  And it was wonderful and I received some wonderful, creative, homemade birthday gifts.  I felt …


Love: Family Heirlooms

Somehow my mom inherited a cedar chest full of… junk and vintage (or maybe antique) clothing.  Among the clothing was a beige skirt.  …


Love: I Love Energy

10 things I love about my precious son. I love watching my son play with wild abandonment. I love the intense look …


Love: Cody Lundin Style TeePee

Our family is huge fans of Dual Survivor. My son watches and learns. This weekend at Blackwater State Park, he decided he …


Love: Blackwater State Park

Today my family spent the day at Blackwater State Park.  Blackwater River is on of the purest sand-bottom rivers in the nations.  …